128 Old School Calculators

128 Old School Calculators…enjoy!


Sweet! I used to have one of these!

At first, I thought you wrote 128 year old calculator.

Here’s one I used a few times:

This one has a real Cylon look :sunglasses:

I’m surprised there’s no Braun or HP Calculators… some of them are classics, including this wrist-calc in 77 . Wikipedia says they were $650-$850+ !!

Mr… just curious, where did you get that! I had one too, it had a brown vinyl cover. My grandfather’s advertising company (among other I’s sure) distributed them back in the 60’s.

Totally cool.

edit - I’d add that when electronic calculators came out in the late sixties, early seventies they were like $350 or so. Purdue’s engineering department had a few in the Michael Golden Labs for students to use. They were housed in machined brass boxes, and chained to the steel desks… .

wow, what a wide selection.

LMO: My dad has 45 years of collected drafting equipment. I think it was in there.

Thanks Jeremy! I put it on the front page:


Lets fast forward 30 years when core comes out with 128 old school tablet computers.

“oh i had one of those ipad’s, it didn’t even have a camera or multitasking!”

The Homeland is one of my favorites, it reminds me of a WD passport

I agree, they need to add the Braun line.

Thanks for the upgrade Michael!

That Homeland is tight!

what year is that guy from? You have to love the names.

The Homeland is from 1976

I’m sure that is older than most forum members and I was newly minted myself…