1200cc BMW Boxer Quad Runner

Base Price: $49,500.00US

I am not affilitated with this company … but I sure wish I were… . … …

Wow. I’m speechless!

But $49.5k for a hot rod atv? Seems a bit steep…

Yeah, I thought so too, but with the understanding that the frame of the machine is machined from billet, and that production numbers are not large, it is a bit easier to accept.

Besides, without waxing “design-philosophical” about it, who cares? Toys, is toys… I can’t afford one, but there are many who can.

Check out the picture gallery on their website for more mechanical/construction details.

Here’s another…

msrp price options list

Design Team; Gruter+Gut Motorradtechnik GmbH, Switzerland

I wonder why no one has developed a reasonably priced tandem seat, road worthy quad for commuting and joy riding. It would seem a safer alternative to a motorcycle, get you the same open air feel, acceleration, and fuel economy… I’m sure it could be done for like $9k.

I don’t know if it would really be any “safer” than a two, or three-wheeled motorcycle. Whenever you are riding on a vehicle, instead of in it, you are more susceptible to everything from bird poop to station wagons. With it’s much large frontal profile a quad would probably be more “visible” to motorists and that would afford a certain increase in safety.

It basically comes to operator awareness; I always ride like your grandma is out to get me, and it’s worked for thirty-five years.

Currently the Quad is not street legal IN THE UNITED STATES.

As stated on the GG website: “GG Quad North America has filed a petition with the National Highway Transportation and the Safety Administration of the Department Of Transportation. A demonstration of the GG Quad took place in DOT plaza in Washington, DC on June 13th. The committee has 120 days to make a change in the ruling … We are hopeful that the change will allow a 4-wheel classification for a motorcycle vehicle license.”

If you would like to contribute voice lend your support checkout the page below.

You can bet a buck that if this classification is changed the market will go wild and the $9K street quads will all over. I personally think they are going to have a tough time changing this classification; it would open up too many loop holes. i.e. If you don’t have to have seat belts, or fifteen mile an hour bumpers on a Quad, why do I have to have them on my family car … it has four wheels too. Do I have to wear a helmet while driving my car now? … etc.

Wow it’s ugly :open_mouth:

Wow it’s ugly

I dunno, it wasn’t as ugly then, as it is now

But hey, at least the base price went up from $49,500 to $65,500K. And equipped as pictured, it’s only $82,500 and some change.

The company had been working on getting the DOT NHSTA to classify the GG Quad as a “motorcycle” (apparently there is a four-wheel motorcycle classification in Europe (perhaps Mo-i can clarify for us?) . But as of 2007 (latest information available) it was still not street-legal in all U.S. states. So at least you can drive is somewhere, just not anywhere. DOT/NHTSA feels that if it has more than three-wheels it needs airbags, seatbelts, and such. How’d you like to be strapped onto six or seven hundred pounds of iron, without a steel cocoon around you, when it leaves the road?

But ugly, is such an ugly word, and it’s always in the eye of the beholder. My eye says this is ugly… but whadda ya expect for a paltry 200,000 Euros ($284,000)? And also not street-legal in the U.S.

The 500hp, BMW V12 powered, E85 bio-ethanol fueled, Lazareth Wazuma.

I fail to see the point of this. cornering, as a rider, would be awful. simple physics, your body would have a high center of gravity while riding.

all the danger of a motorcycle, none of the riding dynamics to help it corner better.

for the 3 wheeled bikes i see now…all the worst dynamics of a motorcycle and a car in one machine, awesome!

I was down at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week + they had a load of new vehicles being exhibited. These aren’t quads but 3 wheelers. I thought they were pretty cool.

I fail to see the point of this. cornering, as a rider, would be awful. simple physics, your body would have a high center of gravity while riding.

all the danger of a motorcycle, none of the riding dynamics to help it corner better.

for the 3 wheeled bikes i see now…all the worst dynamics of a motorcycle and a car in one machine, awesome!

Yer point?

I tend to agree KFJ, I’ve been a two-wheel kinda guy for a long time, although I did wander off into the dark realm of sidecars for a couple of years during a project at Vetters. Sidecars, and trikes, are a completely different animal to drive (not “ride”), and many states (wisely) are now requiring specific training, and licensing, for three-wheel operators, just as they do for 2-wheel operators. But not all…

I believe there is a legitimate case for three-wheels (trikes and sidecar rigs), and quads; as we get older a lot of folks lose physical strength, mobility may become limited, and the sense of balance may be impaired. Having a ride that doesn’t have to be lifted onto a center stand at the gas station, or balanced on one leg at a stop light, offers them the ability to continue to enjoy “motorcycling”.

But I’m still not on board with the re-classification of a four-wheel vehicle as a “motorcycle”.

Supposedly, those Can-Am deals corner like they’re on rails… somehow. It does seem to go against everything you’ve learned riding on two wheels, but that’s what they say. An acquaintance of mine is a dealer, and I’ve seen him go pretty quickly around corners. Not saying he doesn’t somehow shift his weight around in a special way…

someone said “safety” is the advantage over a bike so - 3 wheels or 4, any fat guy on a Harley got bigger stones.

Safe, safety, and motorcycle in the same sentence = a paradox (or would that be an oxymoron)? I hated English class.

More English; irony = “bio-hazard” symbol on the motorcycle fairing above. The back of the water truck must come as a surprise, there aren’t any skid marks.

Im sure the truck drove in reverse over the bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh thanks Bjorn… now I have THAT to worry about.

lew - i am referring to the can am reverse trikes. i understand the desire and balance of ‘proper’ trikes.

i live near some fantastic canyons for driving and riding. i can’t say i’ve been too impressed following a can am through corners.

There’s definitely a “technique” involved with driving one of those things. I’ve ridden a reverse-trike a couple of times but not for any length of time, and never in the twisties. The oddest part I’ve noticed is that when cornering at speed the machine (both a sidecar rig and a reverse-trike), stays planted, but when the rider leans his/her body into a left-hand curve it causes the right hand (on the throttle) to be pulled away from it … basically, a loss of control. Not good. Having never piloted a conventional trike I can’t comment on that tendency, but I suspect that it is not as pronounced.

There’s a couple of guys up here that are proficient canyon burners. But like everything, skill is a matter of how much time you spend at an activity and, to a great degree, your innate personality traits as a rider.

understood. that’s exactly what i was wondering about.

maybe if this year finishes out well, i can get out of my cage and burn the canyons around me on a new dorsoduro or hypermotard. i get a little fatigued on the sporties.

Getting a quad legal in europe:

There are several ways. The first one was a “one off” legalization at your local Tüv authority. You could qualify it
as an “fully open personal transport” = car, like beach buggy. That changed 10 years ago, because of mandatory
airbags, immobilizer, etc.

But there were 2 ways open, still. A quad could either be qualified as towing tractor (agricultural), or as a mode
of transport for people and merchandise. This came into european legislation out of two roots. The first one are military
transport devices that have a strong resemblance to ATVs, the other root obviously was this:

This summary was written in a hurry on the breakfest table, so it wasn’t reviewed by my legal counsel :wink:

yours mo-i

such a pity they’re obscuring all those nice machined parts with body shells that lack definition! i would think that giving it a more aggressive styling (like KTM) would do it a world of good.