1000 Parts to 10 Parts  Self-driving Car Design Challenge

Hi All. There is a design workshop/hackathon in mid-August in Guiyang China. It gathers designers and design engineers to collaboratively design next-generation self-driving car through generative design approach and then manufacture the design out in digital fabrication way. Free meals and accommodation, also flights reimbursement. It’s a great event for creative designers skilled in digital design and fabrication stuff. Anyone interested to join?

Details as below:

PIX Generative Hackathon

-Design for Additive Manufacturing

Envisioning a future where car designs are created by innovative designers in a way that hasn’t been thought before.

WHAT : Design self-driving cars which can meet the additive manufacturing capacities by using generative design approach.

WHO : Designers and design engineers . Industrial designer, parametric designer, mechanical design engineer, architect, interdisciplinary designer (Free accommodation and meals will be provided, also reimbursement for flights)

WHY : PIX Generative Hackathon aims to reimagine how cars are made and explore new automobile manufacturing paradigm with creative digital design approaches and new digital manufacturing processes, further driving innovation in the automobile industry and lighting a beacon for next-generation manufacturing.

HOW : Design collaboration, fabrication workshop, social parties, keynote speech, mentor communication and local exploration

WHEN : August 18-22, 2018

WHERE : PIX Factory, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

More info on the website: https://www.pixmoving.com/pix-generative-hackathon