100% Adobe Illustrator vector portfolio

Adobe Illustrator Vector portfolio site: www.TechVector.com

Your images (of your work) are not loading. I have a feeling the path is incorrect in you code.

It takes a moment, if you are useing dail up maybe a little longer, I’m useing IE, I just went to the site, worked fine.

Tried both IE and Mozilla. I’m on DSL, PC.

Are you using the same computer you used to design the site? The paths to the images are most likely linking to the images stored on your hard drive and not what you uploaded. Try on another system and you’ll see what I mean.

hhhmmm…strange,…I’m at work and it works on every computer here, I dont see why your haveing a problem, what happens when you click the thumb? a new window should pop open, do you have your pop-up blocker on? they are pop ups, if your blocker is on you will not see the full view.

I’ve been makeing flash/Html/CSS sites for awhile, (granted mine is plain! I like it that way :smiley:) if there is a problem I can assure you it’s on your end.

The window does pop up when I click on a thumbnail but never loads in the window. Maybe it does have something to do with my firewall settings but I don’t have it set very high.

If I’m having this problem others may as well. I know the place I used to work blocked out most advertising pop up images.

Works ok for me.

Very nice work - how long do they take you to do on average e.g. the big bertha golf club and the cannon video camera?

Works for me too. The small window pops up, hesitates for a second, then enlarges to the full size. Lauren, is there something on your computer that’ll keep it from resizing automatically?
Good looking stuff guy. Were some of these “vectorized” in a program or just scanned and traced in IL, or completely pentool-drawn from scratch in the program. If the last one, then I’m even more impressed.

100% Illustrator, no “vectorizing” program that I know of will produce anything worth looking at( like streamline) :confused: . The RCA/Digi cable stuff was compleated by the client sending me a box of the barrels and tips, I made each piece seperately in illustrator. I could slap togather any tip w/ any barrel/ring combo. The bradied wire took like 10 hrs, but I was able to use it on everything they wanted (thank god) with differant poly coverings.
Golf clube took like 5hrs.
Thanks for looking at my stuff folks!

you should probably say somewhere what designs are your own and which ones you turned into illustrator graphics from existing artwork. (this applies only to the work in the ‘stylistic’ section).

good work!

Im having resizing issues on the popups, image loads ok, but window doesn’t resize

latest firefox version on windows 2000

dude, hot stuff. I’ve never seen ilustrator pushed so far with out any photoshop touch up.

Yeah there is alot of stuff I still need to iron out on the site. On the firefox issue…I dont know what to do,…I’ve had alot of people that are useing that and mozzila tell me the site does strange things…it seems to work great on IE.

hmm…tried checking your site…but now it can’t find the server…

That shit is tight. When I clicked on the Cannon digital video recorder, my jaw dropped. I feel truely humbled.

Here I have been wasting time rendering in Photoshop. I didn’t think you could achieve such depth in Illustrator.

Similar to nerdtronic, I guess I am left wondering which illustrations were made from your own designs or photographs and which were created from existing artwork. When I first viewed the images I had the impression that you provided the product development, not just the illustration.

I have come across some discussions relating to copyright infringement and derivitive work on istockphoto.com (great site if you want to sell vector art). I am only assuming that you have Cannon’s permission to use that illustration of the recorder and other images. You may run into some issues copyright infringement if not.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I dig the soundtrack you have loaded. I have let it run for the last hour or so. Keep it coming.

Doesn’t work for me - IE

Awesome stuff!!! I am in the process of learning illustrator and am already in love with the program! Do you scan in your sketch and then do a line art over that? or do you go straight for the line art and color in?

Most everything realistic and stylistic on the site was commisioned work…so no Copyright problems. I also do concept art for product development.
Same goes for the technical illustrations…I’ll be uploading sketches of the products and the process that I go through to complete this work…most starts from pencil then gets scaned into Illustrator…then the redraw starts.
Sometimes people email me photos that they want in vector with a bunch more shine or color changes, even the same product in like 10 colors so redrawing it in vecor makes color changes easy.
As far as IStock goes,…I hate that shit,…I tried it with some vector stuff I did for the hell of it,…then I realized it was getting downloaded for two bucks and all I got was .20! they kick back and make the cash while everyone puts time in, a ripoff that people get sucked into. I wont even climb in front of my computer for less then $35/hour…unless its for friends/fam.