10 years of work to sift though...

and it’s super overwhelming!

Im trying to put a fresh look together for my portfolio and am sifting though a lot of old work - a lot, I’ve been an active designer for over 10 years.

This frustration of looking though old work must happen to more people than me and it always seems difficult hold on to old projects securely and keep it organized well.

Do any of you guys have good design project archiving habits to share? I mean, do you set aside the best images in a certain folder before you archive, or just assume you can sift though it all later if you need to? it always feels good to add perfect fresh sketch to show how you were thinking at the time

I wish there was a formula I had. My formula is archive everything in a basic file structure, then pick and choose what I need. I can post the file structure I use if you think it would be helpful…