10 Worst Cars of All Time

No surprise about number 1. :laughing:

I will continue to go against the trend and say that I don’t think the Aztec comes anywhere close. It will be my cross to bear. By the way, why is the K Car not in this list. Talk about a PoS (really just the 80’s version of the Vega quality).

'cuz the K-car was credited with saving Chrysler in the 80’s. :wink:

Yeah I question some of those decisions but hey, motor blogging isn’t what it used to be.

The Saturn Ion wasn’t any worse than any of GM’s compact offerings back then - and no one credited the Cavalier for killing Chevy. Pretty sure the drawings for that car were specified with tolerances of +/- 1 State

Slightly off topic but I drove by what turned out to be a Nissan Juke today (I had to double back to find out what it was)
What a mess!

The Juke is kind of like the Veloster IMO - it’s so weird that a lot of people actually like it.

When we went to buy my fiancees Rogue I had to force her not to get the Juke that was sitting next to it. It’s not as practical as a regular hatchback, offers almost none of the room of a full crossover, but for some reason she loved it.