1 year in a world-class animation studio then back to ID?

I’m very interested in applying for 3D modelling and animation position in a world class animation studio. It is hiring and it is located in Ireland, where I live right now. Part of my motivation to apply is that I was drawing comics in High School, and I made a short animation myself as well. However, I’m also very interested in ID, and I think comics drawing and ID for me go hand in hand.

One thing to note: I’m in Ireland, so there are very few industrial design consultancies. Also, I’ve applied to many design engineering jobs with a focus on ID, but I got a lot of rejection letters.

The job in the animation studio will involve primarily 3d modelling, but it will also involve concept design, sketching, visalization, etc. I think it will benefit my skills in industrial design hugely, especially in visual presentation.

I would really like to know whether it is worthwhile to work in an animation studio, if I am looking for an ID career in the future. I would greatly appreciate your opinions.

I think when these things are thought of in terms if what you “could” do or “should” do then they become very difficult to solve, because there are so many points of view and no real crystal ball.

However, if your think in terms of what do you “want” to do, it sounds like you already have your answer. Follow your passion and let the rest fall to the side.

My question is, you seem very passionate about this, why would you want to only do it for one year?

Go for it!

I did sort of the same thing, making TV-ads (lots of product modelling and animating) for a couple of months. Though I had a feeling from the beginning I would not stay very long (not enough designing involved), it was an awesome experience. I learned a lot of useful modelling and presentation skills, worked on a 3d ad incorporating live and cgi footage, and made some good money while keeping my eyes peeled for a better fit job-wise.

Like Yo said, you’ve already shown enthusiasm for the job. Don’t let this be a chance you’ll regret not taking later.

Seems like it would be great to learn how to use those auxilary tools in professional environment. I would go for it personally,msounds like fun to get that kind of experience. And a year seems about right to get in and out again.

My question is, you seem very passionate about this, why would you want to only do it for one year?

Man plans … God laughs.

It’s all “design” experiMental. Run with it, as far as you can.

Thanks for the positive feedback - I thought that some people in ID industry would think negatively about someone who worked in media or animation. Those creative entertainment industries are getting a lot of bad press these days. It’s great to hear a positive opinion.

The animation job itself will probably last for one year, and nothing has been said by the company about advancement opportunity. It would be nice to stay there for more than a year, though.

Why is the entertainment industry getting a lot of bad press these days?