1 Question about Scholarships

I am entering an art college this year.

They say that I will be getting $28000 ($7000/year).

Can I get more if I try hard next year?

Probably not. Generally scholarships are based on a set critera and once they’re set thats it. You can LOSE the scholarship if you’re flunking out - but you generally won’t get more money for a 4.0.

You can apply for as many scholarships as you want to, there’s really no limit (up to your total tuition amount…) I’d say apply for as many as humanly possible.

Probably won’t be getting any more from your school. There are tons of other places to apply for scholarships though. You can get more than the full amount of your tuition with multiple scholarships. My first two years of college I made around $1500 each semester in extra scholarship money.