1 Page portfolio teaser, no idea what to put in it.

Hey Core,

Our professional practice advisor at DAAP recently emailed us to let us know that as of next quarter (my first co op quarter) we will be showing a 1 page teaser before the employers actually click through to our full portfolio. My question to you guys is that having no prior experience with this format, and no ID work experience, what should I put on the page?

Suggested format? (it has to be under 1 MB) 11x17, as long as I can make it? as wide as I can make it?

How much should I try to fit onto the page? A whole project? renders? sketches? should all the work be related somehow?

any resume type information?

something I might be missing?

And if there are any Co-Op employers out there, what would you WANT to see on a one page portfolio teaser?


I would go for detail shots of sketches/prototypes (clean and dirty) /engineering and CAD-screenshots/finished products of various projects you did. But only Nice details mind you. Not showing to much :wink: That way you’ll show that you did a whole lot of projects and know how to design from the early doodles to molding and production. For text. Keep it simple. Not to much. An elevator pitch…make them want to see/hear more

Hope this helps



I was actually working on this while you replied! Ironic haha. I tried to keep it in the same format as my portfolio (paragraph and text styles wise) but be a little more direct to the reader. Waddaya think? (the word HERE will eventually be a hyperlink to my full portfolio online. Its just not hosted quite yet so you can imagine the technical difficulty in linking to something not hosted :stuck_out_tongue:)

I want to see more quality, depth and variety. You have a lot of white space and while negative space is good, it looks like you just didn’t have much to show. Let’s see lots of top quality sketches in different media, some rough, some renderings, some digital, some marker, more different kinds of products, more process.

Sketches are a bit weak and don’t show much other than a 5 minute exercise. The 3d render I don’t know what it is. The shoe is OK, but not that hot. Branding I don’t see what you did -made the handle yellow to tie into the logo?

Don’t want to be harsh, just looking at it from a potential employers POV that will give 5 seconds to it and then look at the next. You need good content, but also some “WOW, I want to see more factor”…

Good start to review I think would be to see what people put on the overview page of their coroflot portfolio. It’s essentially the same thing as a 1 pager teaser to get people to look at more.


Thanks! No no that’s all good feedback for sure I just wasn’t sure where to start so i put a couple of things together from my existing portfolio, but what you’re saying makes a LOT more sense so i’ll be sure to revamp it over spring break

I had some time to do another iteration. Hopefully this one is a little bit closer to what needs to happen. I tried to make the work larger so detail would take precedence over knowing what everything was, even though I think it is implied, at least a bit.

The little doodles at the bottom I think are better and more interesting than anything above…

I don’t think you are showing enough to get any interest or wow. I don’t know what any of the things are aside from the shoe and then I only know because I’ve seen it before.


The last version is definitely better than the first. But overload them with work just make sure that no picture tells the whole story. Tease them. Make them want more.
And no prototypes? Seriously? First you sketch (a lot), then you make lot’s of quick-n-dirty mockups to test your ideas. Then you sketch some more on what you have learned. Then you make some more detailed proto’s. You complete the product-idea. Do some CAD (sketch some more on details). Make a SLA-print to check your CAD files and renders for those marketing-boys :wink:

So if you have no proto’s I would seriously advise you to make some on your next project. They’ll give you priceless info and it’ll allow your productidea to grow.

So more teasers/details…but off course that’s just my opinion



thanks for the feedback again! about the prototypes yea we make them I’ve done countless iterations for some diecut projects and obviously some REN and pink foam things for the ergonomic tool I designed, but I’m just a sophomore so haven’t had a chance to do a project longer than 3-4 weeks. but yea I def have some mockup type things I just didn’t know if they’d be appropriate. Guess I was wrong haha. Additionally, the file has to be under 1MB so I can’t just up and throw the worlds work into it, that jpeg is 995k so thats already pushing the ceiling. But i’ll definitely work in what else I can. Thanks so much!