1 page or 2 pages?! Resumé Feedback

I finished my bachelor degree and now I have started the job hunt. I am a student from Mexico with international design experience and I have the objective of having a job out of México. (This can mislead to some missinterpretations, but I personally love travelling and adapting to foreign places)

The thing is im tailoring all my job application resources and read some of the threats on this forum. My main issue this time is the resume, 1 page, 2 pages, how is written, how do you know you know the information is right and speaks well of you? I think i have done it more than 20 times during my short career, however there are always so many cross critics and never feels it nails it.

This is why, I would like to have some review, specially of the length of the pages. Of course any general feedback rewarding, design and contain will be super!

The first steps as a product designer might be difficult and in Mexico many people drops their passion because of this. However, I am eager to accomplish my ambitions and build up my career. Getting feedback from you will be very rewarding, specially in this stage.

Thanks for your time.


Alwyas keep it to one page if you can. I recently just went two and I’ve been doing this 15 years.

I like the idea of knocking out the Adidas logo, but if you do it for one position, you should probably do it for all of them.

nice looking resume otherwise. I like the info graphic feel of it.

Welcome to CORE Rolando.

I caught a couple of typos…

Stablished Product & Design stategy… Established

Leaded young designers… Led young designers…

1 page if under 6 years experience I would say. Nice layout but found the sidebar timeline a bit confusing at first as it doesn’t lineup with the jobs beside. Took me a bit to understand the color code.

Not sure if I would include the sponsored project as work experience. Right align titles I find a bit odd. Try hanging your bullets (dashes) for a cleaner look. Consistent date formats would be good (either '10 or 2010). Think the Adidas logo is unnecessary.

Nice job.


Thank you very much!

Yo, I did highlight the logo because I am applying for a footwear position. Thank you for your feedback.

Lmo Thanks for the welcome and the typo feedback. I will look over that.

I wonder if this kind of infographic portfolio works with Hr Managers that probably expect something more formal.

rkuchinsky: Thanks for the feedback!

I will do a few refinements with your recommendations. About the timeline I think I can make it more understandable. I hope a at the end it doesnt become inconvenient or not necessary.

The sponsored project is a pickle. First because im not sure if its a sponsored project or how to handle it. The research center at my school, which makes professional jobs to several clients, gave me full access to develope the bachelor thesis. They did a big investment in 3d printed prototypes and design development. Even the patent process and international showcase was all invested by the institute. So for me was a big experience, however im not sure what i should write for this. (Also I place this one because i was applying for a footwear job) However, not sure ifits the right call.


Once again thanks for the feedback.

I have gone through the comments and done an update. Let me know what you think.

I think it looks cleaner, and indeed placing the headlines at the left help much more for the reading.

(Btw. I just realized my answers might sound rude, not the case however sorry if it was taken like that.)


Hi Rolando

Its looking great, really clear and simple.

One word of advice is make sure you know the kind of paper sizes being used in that country if you are sending this out internationally. All that hard work could be for nothing if you made this on A4 and half of it gets cut on 8.5x11!

Paper sizes don’t matter. Normally when you print, it will scale to fit. Might not look the same, but won’t get chopped off.

Looking better. I wonder now though if you need the greed highlights for every other job and/or of the description to the right should match.

Also, you dates are now consistent, but your country abbreviations aren’t. Sometimes you refer to it as “Mexico”, sometimes “Mx”.

You might want to align the Skills & Interests title with the titles below (Languages, Software, etc.).

Hanging bullets also a good idea (where the second line aligns with the first letter above, not the bullet).


Might not get chopped off but the subtle differences in paper sizes will make the world of difference - especially when it comes to shrinkage.

All I’m saying is it doesn’t hurt to make one for different countries. If he invested time in making it look that crisp on screen then why when a US employer prints it should it then get shrunk and distorted?

I’m saying this from experience of having everything on A4/A3 and then coming to the US and having my work not printed correctly…

I think its good to scale the paper size to the standard of the country you are applying to. Means that the reviewer needs to think about one less thing :smiley:

Someone told me once “one page per $50,000”. That rationale breaks down quickly though.

Thanks _iamdave! This one is A4 I think that will work.

rkuchinsky just one quick question, what are exactly the bullets? I am little bit confused with this.

See attached. What I mean is all the text should be aligned with the red line. Right now you can see the second line “into” is left of the line.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 4.33.39 PM.png

Honestly I would lose the software proficiency and personal interest section altogether. Software is totally subjective and personal interests just shouldn’t be shared.

With your design skills you list, you should incorporate those into the job accomplishments above, or into your cover letter.

rkuchinsky : Thanks for the bullets clarification.

NURB: Indeed I agree with you at those fields. And Ive been doing some research about it with HR Contacts and Design position or lets say… team contacts.

And I got 2 different answers. For HR managers this information might be useless since it’s all subjective stuff. However, for the design contacts and former team members, they told me it’s a way to let them more about you, or the guy that will be joining the team soon.

I think here it depends were you are sending it and to whom. But this is a good point and I will do some tryouts digesting that info.