(1) Interdisciplinary design (2) Experience design: Sources?

FOR A BOOK I’M AUTHORING (for a major design publisher), I’m seeking sources of information – online, in print, or in another medium – about:

1. Interdisciplinary Design – The conjunction of two or more design modalities, like graphic design and engineering design, or acoustical design and architecture, to solve multidimensional design problems.

2. Experience Design – NOT the Web stuff. Instead, the application of design principles to create experiences – the sum total of perceptions in an environment – that produce cognitive or emotional changes in the human being, ideally resulting in intended responses and actions.

Even if you think “everyone” knows about a source already, suggest it anyway. You might know of a gem that’s gone undiscovered.

And if you work in these fields, please introduce yourself. I intend to feature case studies along with a theoretical discussion. You could be a star.

Thank you.

Bob Jacobson, Ph.D.
Bluefire Consulting
San Mateo, CA