1 in5 Teenagers Will Experiment With Art...


saved and emailed to designer MBA friends…

Thanks, mo-i

Love it!

awesome. That it’s a CCS ad (at least looks like it) is even better.


this is good.

“how long have you been Photoshopping?”

Bit more info for those curious about who made these.


Thanks for the info. I’d have credited it if I knew.


This ad directly addresses the Creative Intelligence in people who stopped thinking art was legitimate when they hit 4th grade and succumbed to peer/parental pressure to pursue school subjects that put them on a path to “success”, like science, math, or engineering.

What I like best about the ad is that is that it ties the last “art” skills people had experience with in early grade school with something that is creatively advanced (Photoshop).

Someone make an ad like this about math.