1-HDC—Sex Toys of the Future

Design a sex toy concept for 2050, one that incorporates current or speculative technologies in order to imagine the future of product-enabled intimacy.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 MIDNIGHT EST


2016 is the year of the intelligent sex toy (http://bit.ly/20jSg8i).

Once simple products focused solely on ergonomics, sex toys are now enhanced with highly advanced technologies. For example, KIIROO (Kiiroo) is a teledildonic system that allows long distance couples to simulate intercourse through identically choreographed motion-enabled sex toys. We recently wrote about Comingle’s Mod (In the Details: Building an Open-Source, Multivibrating Dildo - Core77), an open-source multivibrating dildo. Another sophisticated tech gadget on the market for women is Elvie (The rise of intimate technology: meet the new wave of smart sex toys that will give you a bespoke orgasm | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard) —“your most personal trainer”— an exerciser meant for strengthening kegel muscles. Women can insert the device and play a game on their phone that responds to the pelvic pressure applied during kegel exercises (these exercises can lead to better orgasms and even improved posture). As the sex and tech become more intertwined, how can we reimagine these products in order to foster better relationships between individuals and make for a more realistic sense of intimacy?

How would you design smart sex toys of the future? Connect a vibrator with a dating app for long distance love with strangers! Or maybe it’s a hologram that could also simulate a person’s touch (through robotics? Complex electro-currents?)! The only thing holding you back are the limits of your own imagination and the length of your lunch hour.


Dan Chen, Designer at MIT Media Lab and robot enthusiast focused on the intersection between robotics and intimacy

Judith Glover, Industrial Designer and Professor of ‘Future Sex’ sex toy design course at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia
Jon Winebrenner, Designer + 1 Hour Design Challenge Guru


Your submissions will be judged based on their LEVEL OF INTIMACY, CRAFTSMANSHIP, and ORIGINALITY. Read more about criteria here: 1-Hour Design Challenge: Sex Toys of the Future - Core77


GRAND PRIZE — The Studio Desk Set - $300 Prize Value!!!

RUNNERS-UP— The Work Shop Set - $100 Total Prize Value!!

Done …

… and done.


Props for including “teledildonics” in the brief! haha

uuuh, in the future won’t all that be wireless? Maybe quantum genital alignment?

BONE - A human flesh and bone mimicking sex toy for 2050 - By Robert Hanson Feb. , 2016

This is a little toy I call BONE. I sketched this out in about 15 minutes with markers, a pen, some prisma colors, and whatever else was laying on my desk. This sex toy is called BONE, because that’s essentially exactly what it is. My intention with the design is in utilizing a faux bone material and raw state faux human flesh and cartilage materials which would then be 3D printed. Will this be possible in 2050? Most likely yes… I suppose. Intimacy would be enhanced with this flesh and bone mimicking device as it would be taking the place of plastics, elastomers, silicon materials, and clunky metal phallic objects. Instead the user would be holding, inserting, and playing with an object that has all the traits of the real thing, and could essentially also be a semi-living object. It would have warmth, a pulse, ejaculate, would synchronize with the users ecstacy, and would be responsive in its stiffness. Freaking crazy, right? You could order one to fit you perfectly, get it printed out, and could form a relationship with your own lil intimate BONE toy who would please you in every way and never let you down. You could collect a whole BONE family to fit all your various moods and kinky needs. Good times. Great intimacy.

Aloha, Robert Hanson

Breath - An air infusion device for generating and enhancing meaningful intimate connections

When we’re in the presence of someone we care about there is a vibration that is tangible, and so powerful. We feel slightly anxious, aroused, and eager to connect and find meaning and depth in the relationship. Often we can hit roadblocks, or have our own personal stuff emerge and cloud our abilities. Our brains are flooded with potent cocktails of neuro-chemicals, and our hearts swell with emotion and strong gut feelings. In the best scenario conversation flows, touch and closeness erupts, and our connection grows as real authentic intimacy is embraced.

The BREATH device, promotes and enhances these moments of real connection by infusing the air in our space with refined pheromone and synthetic neuro-chemical aerosols, that peek our warm and loving feelings towards our partners, take us out of stress, anxiety, doubt, and hesitancy to then propel us into deeper and more impactful emotional and intimate moments. We can let down our guard, share are true feelings and emotions, express our love, and overall get very stoked on passionate intimate experiences with our most cherished mates. It’s some real deal science, and it will generate real deal transformative intimate connections.

Aloha, Robert Hanson

Lover’s Muse

Lover’s Muse inspires sexual intimacy through art and music. Through the use of VR glasses, a stylus, and wireless connectivity to speakers, partners now create actual art and music while making love. The virtual paint is 3D mapped to the partner’s skin/lingerie/surface and moves with their body. To create music, use the stylus to draw note zones on your partner’s body, and then massage those zones to bring the note out, like wine glass music. Add meaning to the experience by drawing symbols and words that increase intimacy. Finally, save your handiwork in a private digital album as a love letter that you can open and remember later. If you and your partner discover a favorite music making arrangement, remap it to your partner in future love making sessions and use it again! I have suggested 3 options for the stylus. One is an elastic band that exposes the fingertips, encouraging direct skin-to-skin contact, and contains the hardware on the back of the fingers. The second is a spongy rolling ball with a hard center and grip mount. It includes a vibrator and rolls across the skin, encouraging partners to massage while they paint. The last is a grippy paint brush with thick, but soft bristles for a more sensitive and painterly experience. The lover’s may come together for some simple sexual satisfaction, but they come away having made relationship connections that are also socially and emotionally intimate.

This is my first 1-hour challenge. I had a day dream about this speculative product a year ago but I never sat down to actually think it through. It’s a little on the kinkier side, but I think that by 2050 the stuff we consider kinky now will be seen as really vanilla. We’ll certainly have to come up with some new ways to make the heart race.

Enjoy the implications.


  • Procreation in the future has been abolished and child rearing is automated.

Finally, sterilized individuals can painlessly have their sexual organ replaced with this high tech, customizable and detachable master piece.

People can chose between male, female and self-customized sexual organs to match their every need and desire. The organ itself is made from an advanced bio-poly blend that is easily cleanable and easy to mold to any shape.

The advanced bio mech on the inner cavity and mechanical connection system allow for the device to easily process human water waste or process glucose from the body, so no recharging is ever needed.

For enhanced performance a highly nutrient-electrolyte mix can be consumed or even mixed with your favorite alcohol beverage or vapor juice.

Here’s my first OHC submission. Fun project.
“Rocker” is a companion for 2050 that allows features:

  • Chose from an array of online partners
  • Repeat previously recorded love sessions with a real partner
  • The ‘Arc’ architecture allows many positions whilst offering a heightened level of intimacy
  • A ‘Super Dildo’ in its ‘Smart Saddle’ contains spheres that enable a super-human experience
  • Both male & female versions would be offered, but only female is shown here

Do you fantasize with your partner wearing something special?
What would you like him/her to feel on the skin right now?
Would you like them to send you a Sexy pic. from Work wearing what you wish?
This Underwear would change Color, Texture, Shape of what your partner is wearing at any place from any of your network connections. You can even mimic a slap or a caress with the help of the Dynamic Electric Nodes. Having feedback of what your partner is feeling at the moment would enhance your imagination to play with them.
Maybe set up a rhythmic program just to make them blush for a little bit in a public place. What about a little pull… up?…. or down?

Being a female, I’m afraid this sex toy is primarily targeted at females (oops ^_^). I have no design or art experience what so ever, but as a woman I know what pleases us. I call this toy SENSEU (Sen-su).

It consists of 3 parts, the main body which is a drone, a head band, and a connectible mobile phone app. The drone has hologram extendible and flexible appendages. A pair of hands for caressing, fondling and fingering, and a tongue for licking etc… The drone can be mind controlled by the user using the headband. As a woman I know we all want to be pleased exactly how we desire, down to each and every detail, but we also love the feeling of being pleasured by somebody else, the felling of being controlled sexually.

SENSEU is designed to please the user uniquely by responding to physiological changes detected by the sensory dots in the headband. The sensory dots on the head band will also allow the user to control the drone mentally. Just imagine… and then feel SENSEU respond to your thoughts and desires.
SENSEU can also combine the pleasure of solo masturbation with the intimacy shared between lovers. Using the app, one can connect to the drone and pair with another app user. With SENSEU, couples can connect and pleasure each other intimately from a distance.

SENSEU is usb chargeable.

[ Deleted ]


Tempurtantric is a mattress topper made of silicon that can rise, fall, create depressions, cavities, and protruding appendages based on the behavior of the user and their sexual corespondent. This sex toy is meant to embed seamlessly into your daily life, leaving the product exposed but also usable as a day to day object. This creates the potential for adventurous and intimate sex. The owner would be able to engage in sexual experiences with others that also own the product; ultimately creating a sex-roulette, matching any user around the world. The system allows for singles, couples, groups etc. to have unique anonymous encounters that focus on intimate sensations eliminating any exclusions that could be related to gender, race, personality type, sexuality etc. You are able to set sexual boundaries (no penetration, no fingering, etc.) as well as choose to archive your experiences and replay that experience in the future. The product would also address hygiene by being easily washable (silicon) as well as provide texture (papillae, rivets, bumps etc.) and pattern options for more personalization.

Thanks for an interesting design topic!

This is my 1st. 1 hour challenge :slight_smile:

This is “Sexnake” a sex toy based on the shape of a snake. The shape can be adapted to a man or a woman needs.

Women can use it as a vibrator and introduce it in her vagina, while man can wrap his penis with it and use it as a vibrator too.

You can control the vibration mode of your partners device by using an app. You can also record erotic stories and send sexy pictures to your mate in order to create an most private and kinky experience.


The Pleasure Blanket at its core, is a blanket with embedded systems than can stimulate the body via combination of vibrations, gentle bursts of air and highly tactile robotic motion.

The softness and welcoming nature of a blanket is an amazing platform for the intimate and very personal act of pleasure making, either by oneself or with a partner (or a few).

The beauty of the Pleasure Blanket is the seamless integration of advanced micro robotics interwoven into the supple ultra soft fibers of the blanket which using biometric sensors and speech recognition learn from body movements and voice commands and keep up with the user at the perfect pace.

The pleasure blanket provides an experience that is physical as much as it is emotional, it is meant to be used in an introvertive state of mind. A user has a chance to make their own fantasy with the blanket and it will follow with gentle touch and stimulation.

The movement and sound recognition will be so advanced and seamless that the user will never know the blanket is moving with them and is helping them achieve levels of pleasure never reached before.

It is a sex toy that can surround the body completely and know exactly when and where to give a boost of stimulation!

‘Love After All’.

LAA is a wearable sexual therapy to help elderly couples in the bedroom. By 2050 thanks to better medicine and lowering birthrate the world population’s age distribution is projected to rise. So high in fact according to UN’s population division more than 34% of the developed world will be aged 60 or over. As people age the elderly’s sexuality is often neglected and in some cases considered a taboo, even condescendingly referred to as ‘cute’. However the research shows that nearly half of Americans over 60 actively engage in sexual activity at least once a month, and would like to do so more often.
There are many challenges that rises. Among elderly men impotence, the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, is the most common. Although drugs can offer some solution, these can not be taken with other medications. And long term use can be detrimental to one’s health.
LAA is a slow, yet effective long term solution to male sexual health. Improved upon form of physiotherapy being used in 2010s the device utilize ultrasound, and electric pulses to encourage better blood flow, and stronger pelvic muscle. Low intensity ultrasound to the testicles also increases the wearer’s testosterone level, which not only makes them physically stronger but also increase their libido. Overall the couple’s love life and intimacy.

Love Glove - Customized Sensual Touch - By Nicole Casem

The concept of Love Glove is the glove has certain areas (blue areas) made of a material that can change textures and vibrate. The intelligence of the glove comes from being connected to an app that allows the user or partner to choose textures and vibration patterns. Possibly even allow the user or partner to create their own personal textures.

The Love Glove is simple and intuitive as pleasure should be.

M.E. (Masturbation Enhancement)
Joint Submission:
Markers: Logan Ernster
Words: Lindsy Tomski

To many, a personal sex toy is not only a device to facilitate pleasure, but also an opportunity to explore, discover and establish a user’s desires and personal sexual gratification. This awareness and acknowledgment of one’s self directly contributes to their sexual satisfaction.

M.E. provides pleasure and guidance through advanced technology and a minimalist physical presence so as not to invade the sexual human experience but only enhance it.

As time passes and the understanding of the orgasm is developed and studied, an opportunity to improve, control, and keep record of sexual satisfaction has presented itself in the 2050.

The M.E. app technology supports an opportunity to enhance, control, and track the complex arousal process.

M.E. can be used to better understand the connection each user has with their personal sex toy. M.E. brings the intimacy back in the intimate.