1-HDC—Sex Toys of the Future - "Forge"

The number of long distance relationships is on the rise. A major factor responsible is the internet. Online dating has made many more willing to give a long distance union a chance. Forge is an app synced virtual experience enhancing product wherein users can explore their intimacy till they actually meet.

Forge is a smart sex toy inspired by the yin yang theme and it is proposed of a bio-material. It is built of two parts - one for the male & other for the female to explore. The inbuilt sensors over the surface of contact in both parts receive the signals transmitted by both participants in intimacy. Prior to this both would have shared 3d scans of their private place with each other through their future ready smart phones. The signals get converted into vibratory output in real time to further liven the eperience!

The attachment capture the unique experience journey of Zia and Uri who are madly …waiting to explore their wildest fantasy.