1/8" sheet material (large) suggestion needed

Hello all, I’m looking for suggestions as to what I could use for this custom “peg-board” like product I’m trying to make.

Now I know I could use hardboard like the standard pegboard systems use, but quite frankly, it’s not very nice.

Essentially I need something available in large sheets (4x8’ preferably) that can be perforated by CNC mill or waterjet. Nothing thicker than 1/8th inch.

Any ideas? A durable, easy to clean plastic would be nice, but it also has to be reasonable in price.

Curious to hear any suggestions!



Acrylic, Lexan, Aluminum , Stainless Steel… all come in 1/8" or less in 4x8’s


I had considered those. I’m worried about the acrylic cracking though if anything moderately heavy gets hung by the pegboard hooks. I haven’t really worked with acrylic though, so wondering if that would even be an issue? Aluminum would probably be too pricey and steel would be getting pretty heavy for wall mounting.

I’m worried about the acrylic cracking though if anything moderately heavy gets hung by the pegboard hooks.

Considering the “stress risers” set up by drilling holes (even if they are chamfered on both sides) that’s a reasonable concern; acrylic is sensitive to it.

So, as Chris suggested, use Lexan (polycarb), or Kydex (PVC).

Any flammability issues involved?

A 16 gauge gauge stainless would be lighter and cheaper. 1/8" would be overkill.

The arcylic would probably crack, Lexan probably not.

You could laminate the pegboard with WilsonArt/Formica/etc. or a 20 gauge aluminum or stainless. That could polish the turd.

Or a 12" x 12" 6061 1/8" plate is about $12. You could make an interesting pattern with standoffs and multiple plates.

Find a good digital flatbed printer, and you can print to whatever you have milled out. Polishing that turd with even more polish than laminate…

Hmm thank you for all of the suggestions. The lamination ideas lead me to some googling and I found this: Specialty Hardware Store & More | Western Canada | Industrial Plastics & Paints

Aluminum sheets sandwiched with a polyethylene core. Could work?

Dibond is pretty cheap, light and crappy… I wouldn’t really trust it to hold much weight without deforming.

I like NURB’s idea. Print on 5-6mm Sintra. Easy and cheap.

Nurb, thanks for the honesty.

That sintra is really affordable. I wouldn’t be printing on it, but just a white could work. I’m actually creating a series of ‘images’ with the holes based on standard pegboard spacing. It’s for a bicycle repair shop to be used as artwork/display.

Original Image:

“Pegboard” Image:

That’s cool. Does it have to be 1/8"? How about a high quality 1/4" plywood, like Appleply (similar to Baltic Birch, but available in 4x8 sheets)?

Very cool concept, but sintra might not be your friend for very long cutting away so much of that material. Depending on what is being displayed (I’m assuming typical bike shop fare), you’re going to risk breaking it.

I honestly think aluminum or polycarbonate will be your best bet. That’s probably 300% more holes than in typical peg board.

Typical peg board spacing (looks to be roughly 3’x6’ maybe…)

@scott: I could test out the hooks and pegboard accessories I have on some 1/4" stock. I’m actually using apple ply for the rest of the shop, so that could work providing the hooks and what not will still work on the thicker material.

@nurb I priced out the aluminum and it’s not as bad as I’d thought. Who knows what the mechanics will try hanging from it once I step away from the project, so I agree it’s best to be on the safe side. Its intended for light tools though, the retail products are displayed in a different manner.

Typical peg board spacing (looks to be roughly 3’x6’ maybe…)

standard pegboard hole-to-hole is usually 3/4"

that being said… the grid for your “artwork” is going to be p-r-e-t-t-y big… i counted 110 holes across the width or your image… .75" x 109 spaces = 81.75" … quite a bit more than the 48" width you spec (unless you are going to use it horizontally).

@Lmo - It is going to be big yes, but not quite that big :slight_smile: I’m using the standard spacing (1 inch center to center of each hole), but I’m also infilling the space between the holes with evenly spaced holes, if that makes sense. Providing the spacing stays one inch from center to center every 4 holes, I think all the accessories/hooks should still fit in.

I should also mention, that pegboard image is just a rendering to illustrate the concept, the actual size/density still has to be fine tuned.

Check out the local Sign supply and ask about Alumicore, which is corrugated plastic between two sheets of thin aluminum and gator board which is a super compressed pvc foam sandwich. Both are strong, printable and come in several thicknesses.
Hope this helps.