04 TW Design Comp results


What do you think?
I don’t really think that the winning pieces deserve their places. Most are really weak in concept, some don’t even address the theme of balance. What’s worse is some, obviously done before the competition in another occasion, forced the idea of balance into it making it look so unnatural.

Like this one, the explanation for it’s idea of balance is so generic that I can very well fit it in any electronic product entry.

"it emphasizes the expectations towards the balance between technology and nature. "

Also, the “Bio-degradable Bandage” doesn’t hold up concept-wise at all. It says “better bandages treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of mind in such a way that a balance is created between them.”

Huh? Well, I can say “better looking car makes the driver or people looking at it feel better thus creating a balance” or “better looking person creates a balance”. Of course better things make the world better! It’s so redundent.

Another things is, which I am not sure about it’s importance in this competition, the research and explanation on the material or technology, such as the bio-degradable material in this case. As far as I know, 3M already produces bio-absorbing bandages for surgery use, which can also be used inside the body, so doctors won’t have to do any stitching or unstitching. So technically, this concept isn’t original either.

IMO I think a strong piece should reflect the theme of balance in such a obvious way that it should be at the dead center of the concept. One example among the selected entries is the bookshelf, which is pretty much the only one. I think one should explain its concept with the theme of balance and not the other way around.

Another thing I noticed is even though it’s an international competition, the award winners are mostly Taiwanese entries.

yeah molsted.
disappointing results. I shoulda entered it

bloody biased i would say. international my a**.

yeah, what a xenophobic design scene… whatever

I’m a Taiwanese. On one hand I am really glad to see a competition like this that seemed promising initally. However ashamed that they still can’t get out of the doorstep.

Here was my entry. It wasn’t designed for this competition, but just based on the theme of Balance alone, I say I got it better than most of the winners.