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step one
step one
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(A) Ballistic nylon covered foam case for food, beverages, or fragile cargo. The foam insulates perishables from heat and/or protects electronics from impact.

(B) The case zips closed and slides between railings (C) molded into the nylon internal frame. The case is held above the main storage compartment to avoid being squished by heavy books and laptops.

(D) Messenger style flap buckles closed to the body.

(E) Padded laptop case.

(F) Main pouch expands to allow for easier access to cargo.

(G) Pen/pencil loops are revealed by lifting the front flap.
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the good bag

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this concept presents the ultimate in customization, while taking into consideration the reuse of old materials. t-shirts are a popular and venue of self-expression, and after their wearable shelf life, they are often discarded. take those killer t-shirts, and put them into a personalized bag.

the customer ships a few old t-shirts to the manufacturer, and after a period of time, is sent back a sweet messenger bag with the sentimental old t-shirts on the exterior.

the bag is one-of-a-kind, and the materials are reused. the interior and structure of the bag, for durability, made of recycled canvas, or reused materials, such as leather, denim, or other materials as they become available.

the good bag

good for the kids
good for the old t-shirts
good for the environment

(By the way, anyone know why it's showing my image black in the posting? when I click on it, it's fine.)
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Lapling is a laptop sling bag but better. What makes Lapling different is the bag aligns with the strap and sits diagonally across the back. Every laptop sling I have ever seen seats the bag horizontally. The bag itself is a letter box, Academy aspect ratio shape and a little smaller than most bags.
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Just a canvas back pack with silicone accents. I added in a fold out hoodie and a thick part on the arm strap to act as a sort of pillow, midday nap bag. The rubber might be cool because im always scared my computer is going to get wet with just fabric or a zipper on the top of the bag when it is raining.
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Dolphin Bag

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The Dolphin pack unfolds from flat crescents of plastic to swallow any load you throw at it.
Its organic shape hooks onto shoulders and hugs hips, so uses no straps.
The Dolphin's loading mouth is against your back, safe from urban predators.
The sides of the Dolphin swell to swallow bigger loads, but the elastic mesh keeps loads well restrained and streamlined.
The elastic mesh has a membrane behind to keep the load dry.
An empty dolphin can be used as an umbrella, by holding it by the tail.
A mostly empty Dolphin sits on one shoulder, like a message bag.
Heavy loads make the crescents lie flat against shoulders and hips, keeping comfortable.
Dolphin Backpack

ONa Bag.

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step one
step one
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The main idea is to distribute weight more evenly from front and back.
And detachable front bag so you can keep your heavier main bag in the locker while front bag is carried in between classes.

There would be no strap.
The outer skin is made with hard shell
All the contact points would have ample padding (esp in shoulder) for comfort.
The front portion would be right size for laptops to evenly distribute weight from back and front and also for easy access.
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one hour Timbuk2 thingy

Postby tbr » September 1st, 2008, 10:39 pm

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Just a quickie---love my shoulder bag, love my backpack, i'd like to be able to use a single bag in either variation. Full symmetry also allows messenger bag to respect right-or-left shoulderedness, which is important.

Bag design contest-beetle bag

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One more last minute.
Nothing really more to explain, molded exterior shell to protect belongings.
Opens down the middle with a zipper.
Access to main compartment inside shell.
Beetle Bag!
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this pack uses a ribbed rubber outshell to hold a constant "flex" pressure pulling on a tension strap. The strap can be loosened or tightened to change the bulge of the pack and accommodate a variety of volumes from something bulbous like a soccer ball to something thin like a laptop. Stretchable nylon material would enclose the actual pouch space to stretch with the shell.


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