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yo wrote:When I'm asked to quote on a project the first thing I ask is what is your budget and schedule? To date no one has ever told me their budget and very few have said a schedule. I tell them that I am going to scope it at the maximum and we can go from there, but it would be so much easier if I had a sense of where they wanted to be so I could say "no thanks", or "I can give you this much for that much"....

What I find weird is that everyone tells me that one of their business advantages is "speed to market". That's great, but then you have no idea when the product needs to hit the floor and it inevitably stalls out until your competitor launches their version and it becomes you number one priority. Very strange.

slippyfish wrote:@Mr-914 - Critical Chain sounds like a good resource for project managers or operations people. Or perhaps even start-ups. Do you see practical applications to the industrial design process itself, or perhaps ID within a product development organization?

I see a practical application everywhere and anywhere! It has more effect if the organization can recognize the advantages and adopt it too, but you can make just your department more productive by using the methodology.

For example, I used to give deadlines for everything, even projects that were on the back burner or uncertain to advance outside of design. Moreover, I would limit the department work-in-progress so that the designers could focus on actually finishing projects. Those two small things that seem so common sense boost productivity at least 100% in my experience.

The difficult part after that is getting management to understand what one is doing. Because at the same time, I had to ignore daily emergencies to continue the focus. That requires political skill to pull off over an extended period of time.
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