How do you organize your computer files ?

Postby KenoLeon » February 20th, 2017, 4:57 pm

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full self-realization
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Hi Core:

I am trying to pack/backup all my digital/physical belongings,( some 15 years of projects ) , the physical stuff is easy, the digital stuff on the other hand I feel I am always threading water, in general, how do you organize your computer files ?

I'll go first, this has been evolving during the years:

I have 3 computers I usually work from 2 pcs one mac, in each one there are a set of main folders on the desktop :

- ID : design
- each project gets a new folder,
- Inside each project there is usually a lot of work etc.
- there are also general folders like reference,tools,Legal etc.
- Dev:software
- same deal as for I.D, although there are differences (some folders are both work and archive)
- Personal Pictures,and things that mostly revolve around me.

Other interests get their own mayor folders in some computers:

- Music
- Neuroscience
- Manga

To tie this all up, every month or so I consolidate all information into a cloud service (where copies of all the folders exist) before chucking it all into an external hard drive for backup (where even more copies of these folders exist).

I am still far from done, my next steps are to somehow make a workflow that includes posting into social media and updating my website.

How do you manage ?, do you have any tips specific for I.D. Projects.

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Good idea to share some tips about this!

I assign codes to all projects, invoices, quotations etc. and since about a year I also code all CAD file names and separate file formats.
Then I use Ccleaner to keep my computer clean and occassionally filter duplicate files.
I keep a separate folder for all external files, files to be published on web/print/digital media/television etc. these often contain duplicates.

Then I use cloud services and external HDDs as well.
Make sure to keep at least one extra HDD at another location, for example a safe deposit box.

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Re: How do you organize your computer files ?

Postby cwatkinson » February 21st, 2017, 2:24 pm

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How do you manage ?, do you have any tips specific for I.D. Projects.

I take the Enron approach.

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There are ample numbers of ways we have to organize the files. Some people are creating the different category folders and to make a different files to store that particular folders. So, they can able to get the easily identify or find the folders which they have required at any particular point of the time. This is the one method people are using to organize the files and folders to store the data. There are some others methods which people are using.

Re: How do you organize your computer files ?

Postby Mr-914 » March 29th, 2017, 6:47 am

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Anyone use any automation to organize files? PDM?
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Keno - sounds like you have a good system in place. As a friend of mine in Government I.T. put it, "if you don't have it in three places, you don't really have it at all."

I have all my ongoing/daily project work on my PC, secondary backups go to OneDrive and then the third set is held on a network drive I've set up in our studio.
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