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Hi! I always like to come prepared to design and development meetings armed with a good set of reasoning for certain directions and making decisions. A manager I worked with awhile back always helped clients and used historical ID examples to help drive home decisions. These seemed to really hold weight for who we worked with and for the few examples he used, I'm sure there are hundreds more! For the few I remember...

- A client wanted to release their product with too many color options that were a confusing mess of SKUs. We used the first Apple Iphone example, stating that the first Iphone was released only in black and white (some of which isn't exactly true). That drove the client to release only 2 colors that first year.

- A client was frustrated with the amount of prototyping we were doing to prove functionality. During a meeting, we used the Dyson example of how Mr. Dyson created over 5000 prototypes in his garage before he got it right. This helped to put things in perspective for them.

- Another story concerning the value of collaboration and communication we internally talked about in our office...Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater design and location were kept in the dark from the client, and even the apprentices too for a great while. Although considered a masterpiece by many, in the end, the client wasn't exactly happy with certain details!

Anyone whose a design historian probably accumulates these stories after lots of reading. I'm wondering if there is a good book or website full of more examples like this, or even list any examples any of you have used with clients that have helped you with your decision-making. Thanks!

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