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ki_designs wrote:
Cyberdemon wrote:If you can't describe it, it's awfully difficult to point you in a certain direction.

Product photography is aimed to highlight the design of the object, not the design of the photo.

It sounds like you want to take interesting photos using products? What products are you using? Who is your audience?

I know what you're saying. I'm basically looking for interesting product shots in terms of their placement/environment/angles etc. I'm sure that there has to be somebody out there who is highlighting both the product photography sydney as well as using some more innovative photography techniques, I just haven't seen anything that has really hit me.

I have some product designs that I have come up with that I think would benefit from a more innovative setting than the usual studio setup. I'm trying to get it to look more like a piece of art with the product being the center of attention, so I'm just brainstorming and trying to collect some ideas...

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