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full self-realization
full self-realization
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I think the forum moderators could select for inclusion one or two 'discussions' like this per month. Hugely entertaining. :lol:

I'm picturing everyone sitting around the dinner table screaming at each other ("No! You!") like a group of Jersey mobsters. Or sitting around the Lazy Susan eating shark fin soup, like a group of Triads.

jamesking - the common theme on Core77 is generally of civility, and of 'backing up' your claims with experience. Ranting and raving, while very funny to read, does not get very constructive responses.

Awards are great when you get them, and frustrating when you don't, especially when you work hard on the entry and something that you perceive is less deserving wins. But there are lots of award competitions, so you can enter things again and again. Design awards are reflective of the jury group, their taste and aptitude for objectivity. They are only loose definitions of whether a design is "good" or useful or successful. To be crabby about something designed five years ago that didn't win an award suggests you need to move on and design something else.

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Re: Should IF be Shamed to award a pirating work?

Postby NURB » January 17th, 2013, 9:58 pm

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Well put Slippy. This seems like a good place to put this thread to rest. Glad you all enjoyed the old days. I know I did.
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