Industrial design in China.(Esp. at Dongguan.)

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The Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition came to a successful conclusion

The 2006 Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition came to a successful conclusion on Sept. 24, 2006. It was a great event initiated by the Dongguan Municipality Government, China Industrial Design Association, and Patent Protection Association of China, and organization by Guangdong University of Technology and Dongguan City Science and Technology Bureau. Up to 250 excellent projects had been on show during the Dongguan Science and Technology Cooperation Week in the Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition Center.

Experts from home and abroad were present in the Excellent Works Exhibition

From March to September 2006, this year's Dongguan Cup Competition wended its way through well-organized phases to round off in the grand final. With the aim to propel the development of Industrial Design in Dongguan, the Competition called for participation on a worldwide basis, arranged the preliminary, secondary and final selections assessed by domestic and overseas juries, and eventually saw the golden, silver, bronze and outstanding awards going to 30 entrants respectively on September 20 2006. On September 24 2006, more than 300 distinguished guests witnessed the most exciting moment of the Competition - the awarding ceremony. In addition to all the juries, short-listed entrants, guests came from the government, academic institutes and the design industries:
Mr. Leng Xiaoming,
First Deputy Major of Dongguan Municipal Government
Ms. Liang Bing,
Deputy Secretary-General of Dongguan Municipal Governement
Prof. Chen Xin
Vice President of Guangdong University of Technology,
Mr. Ye Jingtu
Director of Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,
entrepreneurs and company representatives, and other friends.

By the end of August, the Organizing Committee had received more than 2000 items of design work from 17 countries and areas. After the preliminary selection there were 30 items standing out of 250 entry works. All the short-listed 30 contestants managed to make models of their design according to the competition requirements and participated in the oral presentation and answered questions from the judges on Sept. 20. During the final selection, we had judges from all over the world like Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Japan, Korea, Hongkong and mainland China and the judging was strictly conducted according to principles of integrity, fairness and honesty.

On 22nd the grand awarding ceremony, the head executive from the Dongguan Municipality, the headmaster from Guangdong University of Technology, along with the most honorable and distinguished judges present certificates and trophies to all winning contestants. Total prize money up to RMB640,000 will be sent out soon after the awarding ceremony to the golden, silver and bronze prize winners and the winning enterprises. Among them, the golden prize winner will have RBM50, 000, and silver RMB20, 000 and bronze 10,000 as award money, and the wining enterprise will have RMB30, 000 for innovative enterprise award.

Winners of Open Group had group photo taken with head executive of Dongguan Municipality

Winner of Innovative Enterprise had group photo taken witih head executive of Dongguan Municipality

Winners had group photo taken with judges

As part of our competition, the 2006 International Industrial Design Summit Forum was successfully arranged and inspiring speeches were delivered by our seven judges from home and abroad. With their speeches, experts elaborated from different angels on the most recent advancements of the world's design ideas and offered the most unique interpretation in matters on the prevailing trend of industrial design, which no doubt gave a new impetus to the local enterprises in terms of innovation and self-development. There were around 400 audiences coming from local enterprises, design studios and academic institutes from Guangdong Province.

Madam Natascha Drabbe delivered a speech of 'Re-f-use'

Prof. Iris Utikal delivered a speech of 'If you don't want to end as a rubber stamp--Metamorphose and Corporate Design'

Prof. John Heskett delivered a speech of 'Ten Steps To Heaven: Managing Design for Innovation'

The Awarding Ceremony on the spot

As the Summit Forum and Awarding Ceremony was rounded off, the main organization and arrangement of this year's Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Awards has come to an end. The Organizing Committee will continue to get the six top winners' Japan and South Korea Design Trip well organized by the end of this year. During the trip, winners will have the chance to visit famous design companies, academic institutes in Japan and South Korea, and witness their current development and future trend. This year's Japan and South Korea Design Trip will offer a rare opportunity for winners to get new ideas for their further career planning and studying.

There are more exciting moments are expected in the coming year's Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Awards and it beyond any doubt will bring you even fiercer and tougher competition. There are of course a lot for the Organizing Committee to learn from this years' arrangement to make our event more international. It's our sincere hope to see you around next year.

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