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pezzy wrote:I want to do the one (not sure of the name) in Japan- it sounds pretty cool.

"Mega" HK show sucks.. lots of companies that do the same stuff. I have been to that one twice.

True...I went to the HK's really dissapointing what you get to see over come? is the question that raises...I wish I had the tooling most of these companies have to make some cool samples and show around.

Articulation? What's that?

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I'm not sure what's going on with this link now, but how about a little articulation in action figures (thought while looking over all the 2005 pix). Do kids really not care that their figurines walk around like Boris Karloff in "Frankenstein"? In my GI Joe playing days (both foot tall and hairy / eyeball moving and then the smaller versions) I loved to be able to actually articulate joints that made a figurine look like he / she was actually running, jumping, etc. I assumed everyone played with one eye closed so their figures could run toward (and over) the "camera" that was my eyeball. Is that not how young kids play these days?

Toys for old people? That is sad...but perhaps a truly untapped market.


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