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step two
step two
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This is 15 years, wrapped up into 50 pages.
Probably not showing enough process here.
Some sketches and illustrator work in the Product section.
Lots of final work/photos.

I'm trying to cover a lot.
Product, Graphic, and Experiential Design.

I appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques.

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step four
step four
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This is my portfolio with about 6 years of experience in product design.
My advice is to first be able to tell a good story and attune it to the party that you are in conversation with.
Then you need good supporting visual / tangible material. Show process but only when it supports the story of the project, what is more important that it becomes clear through your work what your vision and goals are as a designer.

I am still looking to improve my portfolio for next year, I will use a more distinctive layout with more pages and less and larger photographs.
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step three
step three
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Despite happy clients, the ID crowd told me mine was fucking trash so I took it down. I'm kinda punk rock and don't follow the cultist rules of portfolios, but it's art to me, and ID to me was always 50% creativity / 50% science. It's my process. Fuck creatives for working intuitively, right? Burn every album that was made by anyone who didn't bother to learn to read music. Yeah. :lol:

So honestly, I strictly market myself as a product development coordinator / manager these days. Use the left brain angle. 8)

I just hate the busy work of sketching (I don't sketch ever, TBH, fuck you all), CAD, rendering, etc. anyway, unless it's a personal project. I'd rather make things happen from the holistic level these days... balance all the nuances of a project with marketing, trade, manufacturing, R&D, engineering, etc. It's a happier place for me.

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Variant wrote:It's a happier place for me.

Ya, you sound super happy.

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