Re: Is industrial design a desk job?

Postby ralphzoontjens » July 18th, 2016, 1:14 am

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if you treat it like a 'desk job' that's what it will end up being for you.

I couldn't agree more, thanks for the insights.

For me as an independent designer with mostly foreign clients, it has become quite too much a desk job.
I do travel to clients but Skype with screen sharing is a good solution to work remotely as well.
So I'm interested in adding a small standing desk to my studio, I believe it will increase productivity and well, general household happiness levels.
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Re: Is industrial design a desk job?

Postby jimmylegs » August 2nd, 2016, 9:11 pm

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I'm a mechanical designer who started out as a mold maker (plastic injection molds) for 16 years. So my ideal job would be to design a product and go to the shop and build prototypes and make changes until it is a viable product. I have worked at only one place in the last 24 years that I was able to do that. I was told by one company that I was more valuable sitting behind a desk and another said it would cause problems with the insurance pukes. Seems to me that a person like me with my unusual skill set would be invaluable to a company. I can gain more insight into the design for manufacture and assembly by doing it myself than any feedback you could ever get by throwing the design over the fence to a shop to make. Who the hell knows I give up.


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