full self-realization
full self-realization
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I think your approach was professional, intelligent and insight full. Well done.

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Sounds like it worked out for the best then. That is great.

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full self-realization
full self-realization
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Candydate wrote: They're recruiting someone that can bring them new insights and concepts, but they're managing these groups and driving their concepts with sales and marketing. I think they decided to forgo the final interview because they saw how upside-down my user driven process was in contrast to their current setup. Tough luck. If you want to reach markets you haven't reached before, you've got to do things you haven't done before.

This. Statement. Is. On. Point.

Glad it worked out for you in the end and that they didn't waste more of your time.

I'm curious though, how did you deduct that sales and marketing drive concepts and design there? I'm asking, because as an interviewee you are also an interviewer, what questions should designers ask to draw out who in the organization calls the shots when it comes to design decision making? Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes it's not, but I feel that as a designer, gauging this is extremely important in terms of job satisfaction and career growth.
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