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Hi there - I would agree that most recruiters don't get back to their candidates (I always try to do my best and respond with an update to everyone I speak with and especially submit for my FT roles). If a recruiter isn't specific with their feedback, sometimes it's because the feedback they're received isn't necessarily nice/positive and you definitely don't want to convey those exact same words to a prospective candidate.

A lot of times, when it comes to designers, the level of experience and design acumen/skill just isn't at the level that the hiring team/company is looking for. In which case you may need to re-evaluate your skills or maybe their industry doesn't match yours (an industrial designer who's been designing for clothing stores might not have the same priority over someone who's been designing for a mobile phone company - and they're both applying for the same position). Naturally, as a Hiring Manager/company, you would be more interested in the candidate(s) that have the closest match (experience and skill/design acumen-wise) to work for you.

In any case, you can also look up Creative Recruiters on LinkedIn and run a search through companies (might help narrow your search and put you in touch more directly with a Recruiter who's hiring FT opportunities).

In any case (shameless plug) Motorola Mobility is hiring FT Industrial Design roles for their downtown Chicago Studio. ;-)

Dayna Wu


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