Research: Question Part 4

Postby Shubhi_Mishra » April 1st, 2018, 11:56 pm

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Hi everyone,

I am a product design student, As part of my research on the topic of my own " Preparing for globalisation in the age of UX AI" I wanted to ask some questions form experts.

Q1: Can we as designers contribute to the society to shape the future of design in this globalised world?
Q1P1: If yes, then how?

No issue has shaped design in this century more decisively than globalisation. According to Bernard E. Burdek (2005) It is the multilevel of interaction of digitalisation that is decisive for globalisation.

Q2: What can a designer do to keep up with the pace of global market?

Q2P1: How can we as designers prepare for globalisation in the age of Human centred AI?

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