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I'm struggling with figuring out shadows and highlights on organic forms. How do you guys approach this? Whats the most efficient way to go about this?

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full self-realization
full self-realization
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Hi airsoup:

Shadows and highlights follow very specific construction rules in perspective, once you learn these, you can do educated guesses and generalize into details.

The best introduction to the subject I know of is Scott Roberston How to Render ( You will also need How to Draw) , worth the investment.

So in general I would consider the light source direction and intensity and how it hits and casts shadows on a surface, but again this makes no sense until you have done a few shadow and highlight exercises progressing from simple primitives to organic forms.

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Here are a few old school samples that stay true to this day (physics is slow to change;)

Wish i could give credit to the original artist but i had had these for so long i forget where i got them.
rendering form.jpg

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