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full self-realization
full self-realization
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jungle good point..and well, I am in the biz right think i am going to spill my crazy ideas right here..I keep them for work. I just do these for fun in class, but I always want to get better.once a couple of my projetcs come out I will post some really unique got my word. yea 300 + grows, I went into the store last month, was upset, and well normally i ball or sketch or listen to music to relieve stress, but i instead went into the local shoe shop and bought every puma shoe they had in my size. insane..yea but I totally agree stretch your mind and do concept work, that is great but some I must keep confidencial.


yea my whole dorm room is shoes..I got them everywhere, and now that I have been designing and have been apart of the development process I apreciate alot more then I did before.

I am posting more sketches


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