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Postby AndyMc » March 20th, 2017, 5:52 pm

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yo wrote:Hey Andy, nice stuff. On that digital sketch, when doing those bone lines, try making you darks and lights on separate layers and then erasing up to the bone line. This will give you more general gradients and help the form to pop. I photoshopped it up real quick to show what I'm talking about because I think my explanation is probably terrible.

Thanks for the advice Yo! I always appreciate the feedback, I mostly understood the explanation but the picture made it a lot clearer :lol:

I think a lot of my sketches come out a bit flat and using more contrast to really show the form is something I need to work on.

dblaveino wrote:Another sketchpage with a little photoshop over the top

There are some cool bags on here!
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Re: doodling

Postby dblaveino » Yesterday, 1:25 pm

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AndyMc wrote:There are some cool bags on here!


Here's another! A couple fingers got away from me...
Hands 002a.jpg


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