Re: Hearing aids - inconspicuous or fashion accessory?

Postby iab » December 21st, 2016, 8:41 am

full self-realization
full self-realization
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engio wrote:A mistake _senior_ designers do, is that they want to conquer the world with their projects. Like, if you don't reach 80% of the market it's not worth doing. But even 0.1% of the market may be a large enough market share to warrant a BC. Ever looked at quantities for the biggest kickstarter successes that pull in millions? It's THOUSANDS! I.e. below average China MOQ.

Conquer the world?


I want to make sure my business is around tomorrow. That business has overhead, lights to turn on and mouths to feed. I want to pay my salesforce today and the next. It is a business with limited resources that will not be squandered on a whim or a hot sketch. I can't guarantee success, but I do know how to guarantee failure.

Re: Hearing aids - inconspicuous or fashion accessory?

Postby yo » December 21st, 2016, 10:54 am

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engio wrote:To the OP - get some visuals down. Put it up on a wall somewhere. Get it noticed. 99.99999% chance is that nothing will come out of it. But you have positioned yourself as a designer willing to work overtime to think for yourself and explore a different direction = you've showed passion, and you've learned something.
Do it a few times on other projects and if your boss is a smart guy, you'll get more freedom to explore and not just execute orders.

I think this is very good advice for two reasons.
1) be someone who takes action vs someone who complains. You can't green light a new product at your level, you can visualize your ideas and socialize them. Focus on what you can do and what you can learn from that.
2) be an ideas person, plural. Don't make this the "hill you die on". Have lots of ideas, not one you obsess on.

I totally understand lab's point. Having a team, and a budget, and a percentage of revenue tied to new product launches, the higher you get the more you get exposed to that, the more it influences you r thinking. I do think there needs to be rom for people to innovate. Like tab said, a small proportion of time, but perhaps something really fantastic will come from it. Perhaps nothing, but the risk is contained.


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