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Hello everyone! I'm a Mechanical Engineering graduate who's recently decided to switch careers into Industrial Design. My natural course of action was to start building a portfolio for applications as well as researching universities for a Masters program.

I noticed that most of the 2-year Masters programs have a preference for students with bachelors degrees in design or related fields. I did however come across a few 3-year programs which are geared towards students who come from a non-design background. I've more or less decided on the 3-year courses since I believe I'd need the extra foundation year to get my skills up to scratch.

When it comes to Industrial design, I have an inclination towards the ideation and prototyping phase, UI/UX, and interaction. So, based on the above information, here's my question:

Which school/university would you recommend for my interests which also offers a 3-year graduate program? I've looked up schools like CMU, RISD, Pratt, and Georgia Tech, but don't have a solid opinion on them yet.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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